Our facilities

  • Overall territory — 20 000 sq.m
  • 5 workshops in — 7 300 sq.m
  • Engineers & Designers — 10 people
  • Production team — 100 people
  • Testing access — Slipway, Liela str. 5c
  • Delivery options — Riga port, Roads


Our design department driven by highly educated marine specialists, naval architects and engineers who are using latest innovative software, implementing new solutions into the production process and always able to deliver a high quality engineering support for bespoke solutions.

Our experienced team provide a comprehensive engineering and Project management support during the whole lifetime of the project. We are always flexible and happy to keep our clients up to date.


Our production floor equipped by the modern and highly precise CNC processing machinery which includes milling, punching and bending machines, 3D forming machines and other equipment related to both construction and marine industries.

All together, this provide us an opportunity to manufacture those structures and hulls which has complicated shape which requires specific machinery and experienced team with related background in traditional marine forming.


Following our excellent reputation in providing the most outstanding and finest quality of the welding, we are creating a recognized tradition and the culture of the welding process.

Either it’s marine aluminium, mild or stainless steel, our aim is always constant - to support our customers in achieving the best results, providing necessary tolerances and deliver the highest quality. Our welding appliances and experienced team deliver an exceptionalquality of the end products.


Yacht painting is a balance of aesthetics and chemistry. Several pieces of equipment have had a significant effect on the commercial part such as electrostatic guns for dust control and pollution. But, our trade is still more labour intensive and involves passion and hard work.


Providing in house manufacturing and outfitting principle, we are happy to deliver either intermediate or complete turnkey solutions for our clients.

We do perform such outfitting works as: plumbing, sound insulating, all types of paint works (including marine and powder coating), glass works, machinery and installation of engines, electronics, navigation systems and electrical installation. Thanks to our wide experience, we always deliver a an excellent quality of the outfitting.